Millennium Support Services fully subscribes to transformation and economic inclusion. We subscribe to Black Economic Empowerment and all its different categories.

We also have all reasons to believe that many other corporations, large and small also do. The challenge most face is around identifying suitable partners who will not only correct the disproportion of ownership in their organizations, but also add much needed value to the entity.

They also recognise the need to Procure Services fairly and favourably to allow economic participation of all, especially the Historically Disadvantaged (HD). Corporate clients usually find it challenging to identify and select service providers that will fulfill their role as committed.

Millennium Support Services bridges the gap. We plays the role of identifying, befitting partners for various relationship.

A database of various service providers, who are vetted by MSS, to give the corporate clients more comfort in using the services of these HD and SME companies is available to select from. Via our link Millennium Support Services provides a database of service providers across sectors.