In making sure that it has ability to deliver a quality service and have sufficient capacity MSS has strategic partners it collaborates with.

1) Tjantjello Consulting : A SETA accredited training services provider. Tjanjello has wealth of experience in training facilitation .the company has serviced a good number of blue-chip corporate customers through out the country

2) BHR Consulting : It is a Human Capital and Labour relations service provider which ensures compliance with relevant labour laws within companies. BHR has service a good number of clients ranging from SMES to Large corporate companies.

3) Chere Cinsulting : The company offers a bouquet of service ranging from training to research. It also offers SETA acredited training in various fields

4) Tsweletse Investments: Tsweletse Invest is a service provider assisting the new businesses with the company registration compliance with CIPC. The company also ensures that the companies are registered with the South African Revenue Services (SARS)