Entrepreneurship can be such a lonely journey and at the best of time very frightening. When times are hard and nothing seems to work, most entrepreneurs find it easy to quit, not knowing that most of the successful entrepreneur the aspire to be like have gone through what they are going through and more.

Having a person to talk to or a support structure to draw strength and wisdom from can ease the strain.
Millennium Support Services also offers the incubation and mentorship programs which include networking sessions, motivational talks as well as physical incubation where some SME companies can be housed in some of the MSS incubation centres.

The company also identifies opportunities which can lead to new venture creation. We link new aspiring business owners with companies that can provide incubation and skills transfer with the aim to empower less fortunate and afford the rare opportunity to learn on the job and be guided through the process of being a business owner and job creation.
The process includes among other things:

  • Using the mentor’s resources to develop their own businesses,
  • Accessing Mentors network to secure business opportunities
  • Shadowing the mentors to learn as much as possible
  • Being guided through the processes of building a successful business venture