Unless the target market knows of the existence of a service and know how to access it, the business will to take off. A business is a business because it has clients. Promoting one’s services is very critical.
This unfortunately is an art that not all entrepreneurs have. They at times don’t even know where to start in promoting their services but most importantly they do not know how to express themselves as well as they deliver the service.
Millennium assist in services relating to promoting and marketing one’s business offerings. We assist with all aspects which include:

  • Brand positioning: Design of Logos and websites
  • Marketing materials: creatives in developing promotional materials
  • Promotions: Cost effective online promotion of service on social media as well as providing guidance regarding other mediums of communication.

MSS provides an engine through which a database of various SME service providers can be found. This is a platform that allows the SME business to promote their business and avail their contact numbers to the market.
Through our reputable database collector and search engine “fiund.co.za” SMEs can easily be discovered and accessed.