MSS is a support structure to any SME business and Corporates who are committed to join hands an transform the economic conditions within the country.
We allow business to develop by take care of the “softer issues” while the entrepreneurs focus on what they know and do best, the business itself. For decades, it has become apparent that small business face a number of challenges that makes it hard to grow.
It is continuously said that most Start-up ventures do not survive beyond their One Thousand (1000) days or Three (3) years.
That being the situation, two questions remain unanswered:

  • Why is that the case, what leads to this?
  • What is being done about that?

It is for that reason that MSS chooses not only identify and try answer the question but to ensure that we resolve the problem.
The services rendered by MSS are in actual facts the answers aimed at addressing the questions posed, but more importantly our services aim at taking away most concerns the entrepreneur may have and allow them to focus on what they know better, their business.