Millennium Support Service (MSS) is a creative solution that affords all business enterprises as well as various employers the opportunity to have a Human Capital Management for their organisation without a huge financial demand.

Our service combines its expertise in Human Capital Management field with the convenience of Technology, to afford all type and sizes of clients the ability to comply with the Labour Law regulations. These regulations are stipulated and governed by the laws of the Republic of South Africa.
“Non-Compliance” is unfortunately exactly that “Non-Compliance” and it bears serious consequences that can be devastating to the affected parties.

MSS has identified various factors that contribute to that position of non-compliance in the employer and employee relationship. We are therefore positioning our self to help resolve these challenges on behalf of our clients.

These factors include among others:

  • Lack of time to fully and constantly manage the Human Capital part of the business.
  • The knowledge and or lack thereof, of what is required to be compliant.
  • Financial capacity to afford in-house dedicated personnel with relevant competencies.
  • Ignorance relating to what being compliant entails.
  • Denial resulting from the belief that none of the requirements are applicable to them … etc.

“Millennium Support Services – Human Capital Management made easy”